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We are an American Apparel Company, founded on the belief that we must stand up & speak out against those that are threatening American Values.
We proudly & boldly display what we believe in; our love of GOD, COUNTRY, FREEDOM & FAMILY

Our brand aims to challenge the massively misaligned lifestyles promoted by big corporations that are completely out of sync with real American values. On our store, you’ll find a diversified lineup of apparel, each carrying a powerful message that empowers you to voice your opinion without hesitation and campaigns to get God back into the focus of this country.

Proudly wear your STANDUP NOW apparel and let them know they’re going to lose on this immoral game of chess. The executives at these corporations must live in some kind of bubble. They don’t know nor respect average Americans like us. Let’s show them how much we care about the future of America. It is time we turn the tide on these godless conglomerates, stand up and show support by proudly wearing one of our shirts. Let’s show them the POWER OF THE PEOPLE–

A 10% minimum of all proceeds go to charitable organizations working to help those in need and support groups that are attacking this fight head on.

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