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The Harris County Republican Party is an inclusive and diverse group of dedicated volunteers who believe in the conservative values our country was founded upon. We love our country, believe in the Bill of Rights, support the U.S. Constitution and stand for our Flag. We believe that all men, women and children are created equal. It was the leadership of the Republican Party that ended slavery over 150 years ago. The Republican Party continues to be the party of hope and opportunity because we stand for freedom and liberty for all Americans.


We believe in:

Freedom from an overreaching government

Unelected bureaucrats and our federal government should not overregulate and dictate how we live our daily lives. We believe that prosperity for all comes through the free market and policies that encourage job development, economic growth and entrepreneurship in the United States vs. promoting a global economy that sacrifices American jobs and national security.

Freedom from those who want to weaken the sanctity of our elections.

We believe that all Americans should have confidence in the integrity of our elections and that each vote cast is cast by a citizen who has the legal right to vote. Without elections that are fair, open and transparent, the very foundation of our democracy is at risk.

Freedom from crime.

The rights of criminals do not trump the rights of the law-abiding citizen. Activist judges and defunding police tears down the laws that are there to protect the rights of the individual and prevent mob rule. All Americans deserve to live their lives and raise their families in neighborhoods that are free from crime.

Freedom from failing schools.

Our children should have the right to an education that will give them the knowledge and skills to have a successful life and one that is free from indoctrination. We believe that teaching our country’s history (warts and all) is necessary to ensure mistakes are not repeated. We also oppose teachers and administration that impose their personal beliefs on our children and promote racism and division through policies like critical race theory. We believe that school policies should support educational achievement and provide parents the freedom to make the best academic choice for their children.

Freedom from democrats who want to limit our freedoms.

We believe in a limited government that allows every American the freedom to live their life in the way they choose. We believe the government and elected officials are there to serve and protect all Americans (including the unborn), not the elite few. We believe it is not the purpose of government to dictate our religion, how we raise our children, or how we live our lives.

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