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Make an Impact

What does patriot impact mean?
We believe that Americans need to be reminded of what freedoms are in fact their God given unalienable rights here in this country.  You need to be reminded what hundreds of thousands of American citizens have laid their lives down for.  As Abraham Lincoln said at the Gettysburg Address, we are a, "Government of the people, by the people, for the people". 

The Patriot (Patriot: a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors) Impact (Impact: influencing many people and changing together) is a call to all those American Citizens and those around the world who wish to take back their community, their state, and ultimately this country by getting involved at a local or national level to impact this country for the better.

For far too long we have turned a blind eye and relied on "elected officials" to run our  - and look at where this has gotten us? We must get involved at every level.  COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.
Who can be a patriot?
If you are in the United States, and you are an American citizen and love this country and would and willing to defend it - you're a Patriot.  Anyone who has courage can be a Patriot. By standing up to situations infringing upon your consititutonal rights you will indeed make an impact, and we're positive you'll make changes for the greather community when you do so.
How Can I report election fraud?
If you’ve witnessed election fraud, manipulation or illegal action taking place, please document it immediately and report it to the election fraud phone number found on your state page.

Also, call and report to the hotline at 855-585-2022.
What Can I Do to Get Involved on the state level?
We believe in grass roots efforts.  Getting involved is different for everyone, but we all want you to follow your talents. Running for town council, or your party committee, and especially getting involved with the school boards will make a huge impact.  All elected officials NEED TO KNOW that they work for us, WE THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. Most elected officials think they run their offices how they wish. Newsflash: EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL works for the taxpaer/citizens in which area they serve.
What Can I Do to Get Involved on my county level?
 Be the change you want to see in your community:   
  1.  Join a local board or commission

    Each city and county have multiple boards, committees, and commissions;  All you must do is go to your city’s website, find the board or commission that resonates with you and apply to be a part of it.   

  2.  Attend city meetings 

    City council, the board of education, and other board meetings are typically open to the public. Go to your city’s website, where you can see the schedule for all the council meetings. As a constituent, you should attend all the meetings that are open to the public. It is a great way to learn about your local government’s inner workings and see your representatives in action.  

  3. Tune in to local radio stations 

    Local radio stations often have programs that specifically focus on the local government’s workings and public issues. Your local radio stations will keep you informed on what is going in your area. Tune in to a few of the programs to learn about the key topics, initiatives, and perspectives to educate yourself, and you can participate in those shows by dialing in as an active listener.    

  4. Join a campaign 

    During the election, candidates are always looking for an extra hand. It is your opportunity to join a campaign to understand how it works and to make connections.  

  5. Serve as a poll worker 

    You can volunteer to work as a poll worker during the elections. There might be age and residency requirements, so please check with your local city council. Volunteering is a great way to learn about the inner workings of a campaign. This experience could be very beneficial to you if you decide to run for government office yourself in the future.

  6. Connect with your local representatives 

    In today’s digital age, almost all local representatives have some social presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can follow them on social channels, ask questions, engage with them publicly and let them know how you think they are doing. 

  7. Run for office

    There is no better way to spearhead changes for the causes you are passionate about than running for government office yourself. Discover the office/position you want to run for, gather the application information, knock on the doors, get support, reach out to non-profit organizations, prepare a plan, and run for office.   

  8. Work for a political organization 

    Getting involved in the day-to-day activities of a political organization will give you insights into the workings of the local government. You can join a local political organization and help recruit, train, and support other candidates running for office. You can spend a few hours per month working for a political organization and learn about the decision-making process and how you can influence them in the future.

  9. Support the candidates after the election 

    After a local candidate has put in the work to win a seat, it’s essential to support the candidate to make right on their campaign promises. Stay involved with the elected officials that you resonate with and support during the election.

  10. Attend a rally or a event 

    The year 2021 has been the year of rallies. If you are passionate about a cause and want to connect with other like-minded individuals, join and attend a peaceful demonstration.
  11. Vote  

    Finally – don’t forget to VOTE. If you are eligible to vote in your local elections, please do so. Go to your city election or DMV office, and you can register to vote.  

The suggestions above are just the tip of the iceberg. As your schedule permits, you can choose any number of activities to get involved in. 

If you have additional ideas on how to get involved, please share them with us, so as a community, we can all learn, participate, and make the change we want to see.

Go Beyond the Vote 

How Can I find Patriot Events Near Me?
Events are happening all over the country day in and day out to support and speak about America's First values. We are going to be posting events but we are also asking all of you to submit your events locally that you want anyone to know about. Many hands make light work.
How to choose which events to attend?
For many, this is simply a matter of what events line up with your availability.

The most impactful events you can attend are your state and county party central committee meetings. These are regularly held meetings that are the ground floor for any major political party. 

School board, board of commissioners and town hall type meetings are all important events you should consider attending, if not speaking at and/or running for.

The most important thing you can do is attend as many events as you can. 
How to stop using Public (Government) schools?
We suggest that if you have children in Public Schools and the School Boards are not adhering to the laws and in fact implementing them within your district, that you check into alternative learning, home schooling, private school, or another fashion in whcih to educate your children.

The only reason these people within the school district have jobs is because of the tax dollars that we all pay. Again, THEY WORK FOR US.
When should I start getting involved?
As soon as possible. 

The sooner we all take a stand, the sooner this tyranny will die.  

If you have a skill, a donation, or time to contribute to saving America for our children, no matter how big or small, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Please do not underestimate the power of your impact!
Is the Patriot Impact part of the RNC?
We are not affiliated with the RNC in any way.

We do however, believe in conservatives & non-politicians winning elections, like Trump showed us all can be done when he was voted into office. We are excited to be one part of taking back the party of the people, for the people.

Emotions can run hot with politics, so it is important to not lose sight of the goal with elections, which is winning. We recommend voting with your brain, not your heart. Republicans are not perfect, but 3rd party candidates do not win elections and split votes 9 times out of 10.
Why is my county linking to Facebook?
Don't shoot the messenger... what have you done for your county party? 

We just searched the whole country to bring you what we could find, and we welcome your feedback.

Many counties across the country have a website, some have more than one, but unfortunately, a large majority of them are completely reliant on facebook groups. If your county falls under this dependency, please contact them about setting up their own website and/or other social platform.
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