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We would be honored to earn your business. We work with businesses across the USA.

Businesses need websites more than ever. But how do you develop a website that is
• Feature rich yet while easy to navigation
• Responsive, mobile compliant, 508 and ADA compliant
• Supporting your message, business voice and revenue goals
Where all maintenance & security updates are included and supported so your site stays up.

Imagine What We Can Do for You.
The team at Jack Frost Design can designed your website around your specific needs and build the features including:
• Stunning designs and layouts
• Service and product offering pages
• Shopping cart and Amazon linking
• Forms, Email collection & Email broadcast Integration
• Traffic analysis and analytics
and much, much more.

So how can Jack Frost Design help you achieve your business website goals (See below…)

"Jump Start" Your Experience!
Let JFD migrate your current site or build your dream site. Avoid the hassle of recreating your existing site , let JFD do the “heavy lifting” and then either assist with maintenance or train you in maintaining your new site. Our Migration Package includes:
• Reviewing and documenting your current site.
• Discussing and documenting alterations and modifications.
• Establishing a timeline and budget.
• Training for your “site owners.”

Fine Print: How much?? Obviously, websites come in all shapes and sizes… JFD will collaborate with you to achieve your goals cost effectively within the needed feature set. Typically, after a short online meeting we can give you a firm price. Call us or start a CHAT to get your questions answered, now.

Take it Further
Once you have your core site built you can call on JFD for custom implementation support for:
• Adding Products or Services
• Adding Video
• Building a Blog or writing a blog each month
• Linking to or managing your Social Media content
• ADA | 508 Compliance
• Social Media Marketing
• Email Marketing Campaigns

Interested? Contact us to schedule a brief conversation about your goals and availability.

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